Control your fuel inventory, compliances and ATG alarm notifications in real-time.
liveTank™ is the ultimate answer to your day to day operation problems. liveTank™ provides real-time ATG monitoring, fuel inventory management and environmental compliance data from all sites--perfect for fuel retailer, jobber, fuel suppliers, or even major oil companies. liveTank centralizes data from your sites to the liveWatch Central® data center for report analysis and data aggregation.
Control your inventory with ease
One Click Reach
  • One click assessment of all your current inventory levels among tanks across all your locations. Tank levels can be sorted to determine any over/under filled tanks, providing ease for order or dispatch decisions.
No More Guessing
  • LiveTank tracks volume levels, tank ullage, temperature, and water content. Hourly tank depletion levels are automatically provided for better inventory cash flow management.
Predict Future Trends
  • The fuel moving trend history automatically calculates the exact amount of product movement. Results are displayed graphically in summary, month, day, and hourly views, making way for easy fuel and forecast analysis.
Automate Fuel Tank Reconciliation
  • LiveTank automatically reconciles day closings, deliveries, moving volumes, stick readings, variances over and short, etc. No more manual calculations. Reconciliation reports can be viewed through LiveWatch Central or printed easily.
Notifications at your fingertips
Real-Time Alerts
Never run out of products again with LiveTank’s alert system. Notifications will automatically alert you when tank levels have dropped below your preset setting.
Tank Compliance Reports
Easily manage all ATG system reports: tank status, line leak, In Station Diagnostic, etc. Configure & schedule automatic report deliveries to yourself.
Alarms via ATG
Turn your ATG into an alarm notification console. LiveTank will detect your console alarm messages and can notify multiple user groups via e-mail/SMS in real-time.