Maximize Productivity,
Minimize Labor: Save Time
and Money with LiveEDI
LiveEDI was built to save you time and manual effort when it comes to processing your vendor invoices. Simply scan your invoices, upload, and let our system handle the processing work for you.
How It Works


Scan and Upload
Simply scan and upload all of your vendor invoices into the LiveWatch Central portal.


Sit Back
Our machine-learning technology converts your digitized invoices into electronic data. We'll integrate the data into your back office software or deliver to your method of choice.


We'll send you a notification when your EDI invoices are ready for you to finish processing. Now you can figure out how you want to relax with all of your saved time.

How LiveEDI Helps You
Save Time & Energy
Stop spending countless hours manually entering your invoices. You can reduce manual processing time by up to 70%.
Improve Data Accuracy
With digital conversion, LiveEDI ensures accuracy and minimizes human errors, so you can say goodbye to those tedious mistakes.
Reduce Cost & Clutter
Reduce labor costs and the need for physical document storage. LiveEDI also stores your invoices for a minimum of one year.

Invoice Automation With Ease

We process all of the following vendors invoices and many more. Don't see yours listed? Let's talk about it.

Put LiveEDI to work for you

Schedule a free demo of the LiveWatch Central platform to learn how LiveEDI can save you time and money.