LiveWatch Central
Connect the dots.
LiveWatch Central is a cloud-based portal, built to unify all of your operational needs. Home to LiveCam, LiveTank, LiveBOS, LiveEDI, and POS Analytics, it combines the power of software, hardware, and data to provide anytime, anywhere access to your information. LiveWatch Central integrates many aspects of your operations onto one platform to efficiently streamline your operations.
LiveWatch Central unifies your operations.
Loss Prevention
Secure your business & prevent loss through a web-based surveillance technology built to combine video, audio, & data
Tank Monitoring
Automate your tank inventory, environmental compliance, & manage console alarm notifications with real-time speed.
Back Office
Streamline your back-office with customized and centralized management of your store operations.
POS Analytics
Track employee behavior & performance, profit & loss, and more via POS Analytics to secure and optimize your business.
Invoice Automation
Save time, manual labor, and space while improving accuracy by digitizing your vendor invoices.
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One place, one platform
LiveWatch Central is the ultimate operations problem solver. We integrate your day-to-day operations onto one convenient module based platform. With on platform base, you can maximize your time building a better business and start stressing less over miniscule operational issues.