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Your success, is our success.

Here at Compatible Technology & Security, we welcome you to share and be a part of the great milestones that we have achieved with the help of many others over the years.

1985: Compatible Software Systems West (CSS) was established in 1985 in Oakland, California to market, install, train, and support its own back office software for retail convenience stores. With direct interfaces to the major POS systems used in the Petroleum Retail market such as Dresser Wayne, IBM, and Fujitsu POS, known as Nucleus, the Gilbarco G-Site and its replacement, the Passport; the VeriFone Ruby line known as Sapphire, and Retailix. We continue to market and support our ever evolving back office software. CSS has thousands of customers nationwide still under maintenance support agreements.

1990: Selected by Chevron as one of three companies to provide back office software to its retail dealers nationwide. CSS West focuses mainly on the Western US States but its software is sold nationwide.

1995: Established Compatible Technology & Security (CTS) to provide security camera systems to the retail market. CTS developed the software and manufactured the hardware for its own line of security camera systems that are sold nationwide in the retail industry and the banking industry in Latin America. CTS systems directly interface with POS systems to provide analytical data on employees, product movement, and comparative information across numerous stores. CTS markets, installs, and supports its customer base through maintenance agreements. CTS security camera systems can be found in Chevron, Shell, Unocal 76, BP and other independent brands of petroleum and non-petroleum retail stores nationwide.

1995: Selected by Chevron to provide Fujitsu Nucleus POS training for its North American rollout, which included Canada. CSS West continues to provide such POS training under contract to this date.

1995 to present: Selected by numerous companies such as Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Arco, Bedrock Oil, Pacific Convenience & Fuels, Valley Pacific Petroleum, Peninsula (Andretti) Petroleum, Humboldt Petroleum, Balch Petroleum, Royal Petroleum (Flying A), Robinson Oil corporation, RSI Petroleum, Winall Oil Co, California Waste Management, Peterson Tractor, Reynolds and Brown, SLPM Property Management, and many other retail outlets nationwide.

1996: Selected by Dresser Wayne to provide IBM Nucleus POS training for Exxon Mobil for their North American rollout.

2007: Selected by Chevron to provide security camera systems in company operated C-Stores in California, Washington and Florida; also selected to provide systems at its distribution oil bulk plant in Arizona.

2008: Awarded Chevron contract to train all Extra Mile franchise dealers on new Blue Cube back office software.

2010: Loss prevention monitoring services department added to operations as a fee-based offering.

2011: Next generation of SaaS (Software as a service) platform - liveWatch Central as a collection suites of technologies was passed through all alpha & beta testing and has started the rollout to its customers.

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