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liveWatch Central is a secured online portal that provides a complete user access control solution to all of your security surveillance, risks, loss prevention, assets management, and devices control needs. Consisting of both integrated hardware and software features, LiveWatch Central is a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service), which features modular components such as liveCam™, liveTank™, liveEPOS™, liveAccess™, and liveControl™ (coming soon).


Bring the power of the web and the speed of real-time to automate your tank inventory, environmental compliance & console alarm notification management. Learn more >


The safest, yet simplest way to add a secured protection gateway to all of your devices & data, and links between users from anywhere, at anytime.

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An intelligent enterprise POS exceptions report that tracks and improves employee performance, identifies operational deficiencies to reduce, shrink, and protect your bottom line profit. Learn more >


A revolutionary breakthrough web-based surveillance technology that combines video, audio, and data to provide for your loss prevention and security needs. Learn more >

liveWatch Central is a real time device monitoring, data collection, and distribution service that consolidates all DVR/NVR, cameras, Automatic Tank Gauge, Point of Sale, Safes, Time and Attendance, etc., into one platform for any size from one to multi-tier enterprise management. LiveWatch Central is hands down the most reliable solution to your everyday operations.

3A’s - Anytime, Anywhere Access.

By using the latest web technologies, the LiveWatch Central web portal allows you to access your devices and data at anytime and anywhere simply through a web browser. No more geographical boundaries! Compatible with a variety of OS and browsers, the LiveWatch Central web platform is the ultimate way for you to connect to your data & control devices.

Software as a Service.

As a SaaS provider, LiveWatch Central ends all of your traditional software maintenance requirements. LiveWatch Central is a cloud-based platform that does not require constant updates to your software. All of your data is securely retained on the LiveWatch Central data center. See the big picture. There are no more needs to go through the hassles of application software installations, updates, local data backups, and it lightens up your IT infrastructure expenditure.

Suits companies of all sizes.

Whether you have one or one thousand employees, LiveWatch Central provides the safest way for user, device, and data access management. No longer worry about dishonest personnel accessing information or devices that are not of their concern. By simply “plugging” and “unplugging” a user in or out of LiveWatch Central, you have full control and protection of your company with the greatest

peace of mind.  

LiveWatch Central is built to perform. With its software suites and modular components design, you can customize any solution that fits your operational needs. Features such as LiveCam™, LiveTank™, Live™, LiveAccess™, and LiveControl™ give you the maximum ability to control and keep track of your users, devices, and data right at your fingertips.

One stop shop, for all your needs.


Connect. React. Protect.

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