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Alerts when you need it the most.

Never run out of products again with LiveTank live alert! Live alert will automatically alert you when tank level has dropped below your preset setting. Whether you are a jobber or dealer operator, LiveTank alert is the ultimate life saver.

Turn your ATG into a real time web based alarm notification console.

Ever run into the problem of not being aware of an alarm from your ATG? Running the risk of have your station being shut down because of a critical ISD alarm? LiveTank will detect your console alarm messages and will notify multiple user groups via e-mail/SMS in real time.

Manage all of your tank compliance reports effortlessly.

Effortlessly manage all of your ATG system reports such as tank status, alarm, line leak, In Station Diagnostic (ISD), etc. Simply configure which report you want to poll and schedule to send it to yourself at a given time interval.

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There has never been a unified, web based, automated, multi-user configurable and yet low cost solution to provide a real-time ATG monitoring, fuel inventory management, environmental compliance & reports, and system notifications in the market place - until now.

liveTank™ is the ultimate answer to your day to day operation problems. Whether you are a fuel retailer, jobber, fuel supplier, or even a major oil company, liveTank™ provides all user configurable real-time fuel inventory & environmental compliance data from your sites. It centralizes data from all sites to the liveWatch Central® data center for report analysis and data aggregation.

Bring the power of the web and the speed of real-time to automate your tank inventory, environmental compliance & console alarm notification management.

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