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LiveReport is the enterprise version of LiveCam’s POS integration. As an extended hosted service, LiveReport collects and unifies all real time POS transaction data across multiple locations and sends it to the LiveWatchCentral data center. Once data is collected, LiveReport aggregates, calculates, and consolidates information by using an intelligent processing engine that data mines all sales exceptions by operators to generate an enterprise level POS report for management to determine operator performances. LiveReport can also provide video verification once an exception is identified.

Catch your bad apples, easily.

With sales exception summary. All sales exceptions such as VOID, NO SALES, and SAFE DROP are grouped for your analysis. The overview report gives you a quick snapshot view of your business operation.

Know exactly who’s doing what.

Operator Performance Report

With cashier performance report, you can now easily evaluate your employees’ sales performance. Break it down by individual employees, and this report will show exactly how each cashier performs. It also shows the number of exceptions and dollar amounts and can compare all cashier performances.

Get to know who is doing better.

With the detail of the cashiers exception, along with its time stamped electronic receipts, cashiers can easily be examined and compared to others for performance review.

Saving money by saving time.

With a tight integration with LiveCam, LiveReport is directly “linked” to video camera playback. After you examine each employee’s performance and sale transaction, you can jump to video playback in no time.

Interface to the most industry known POS system.

LiveReport & LiveCam directly interfaces and certifies with POS systems from Dresser Wayne, Gilbarco, VeriFone, IBM, Fujitsu and many others, which are used nationwide by companies such as Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP and many other retail industries.

An intelligent enterprise POS exceptions report that track and improve employee performance, identify operational deficiencies to reduce, shrink, and protect your bottom line profit.

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