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liveCam™ - one of the longest existing modular components of LiveWatch Central. It remains one of the key pieces that brings LiveWatch central to play. liveCam™ tightly links software and hardware together for the finest user experience. Known for its variety of integrated features such as EPOS, VOIP, VMD, etc., liveCam™ brings both live video, audio and matches data from unlimited locations with a simple click of a button.

The liveCam™ NVR is a newly innovated, designed and built from ground up, all inclusive design that protects the system itself and is adaptable to even the most challenging physical environments.

PTZ integration with smart object detection.

Think of it as having a “Smart” eye to work for you when you need it. PTZ with smart object detection automatically jumps to zoom at a motion triggered zone to provide better video image. Users can also control it manually if necessary.

VMD integration with Event Center.

Don’t have time to dig through and try to find what you need to playback? VMD integration with LiveWatch Event Center is the answer for you. Whenever there is a motion event detected within LiveCam, it automatically takes an event snapshot, and sends the picture to the LiveWatch Events Center. All events are consolidated into one convenient screen for a quick review.

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LiveCam captures POS data in real time, then links to video for a complete “searchable” video transactional playback event. Any questionable sales exceptions such as “Void”, “No Sale”, or “Error Correct” are easily located with a few simple key strokes.

Point of Sale integration.

Local audio with Voice over IP integration.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine both video and audio, streaming “LIVE” across the Internet. Record both audio and video, and be able to “virtually” talk duplex two ways. The ultimate control of your operation is yours.  

A revolutionary breakthrough web based surveillance technology that combines video, audio, and POS data to provide for your loss prevention and security needs.

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