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liveCam™ - one of the longest existing modular components of LiveWatch Central. It remains one of the key pieces that brings LiveWatch central to play. liveCam™ tightly links software and hardware together for the finest user experience. Known for its variety of integrated features such as EPOS, VOIP, VMD, etc., liveCam™ brings both live video, audio and matches data from unlimited locations with a simple click of a button.

The liveCam™ NVR is a newly innovated, designed and built from ground up, all inclusive design that protects the system itself and is adaptable to even the most challenging physical environments.

A unique all-in-one design.

With built in battery backup, camera power distributor, digital video recording, and full modular feature integrations, all critical security components and connections are “secured” in a locked box that is highly tamper resistant.

Green technology.

Built to be eco-friendly, the system has low power consumption. Solar and wireless options are also available.

Digital video and audio recording.

Up to 16 channels of digital camera inputs with advance software integrations to interface with third party platforms such as EPOS, ATM, Time Attendance, Safe, Alarms, etc. An unlimited amount of systems can virtually be combined together.

Protects itself to protect you.

The system is vandal and weather resistant with an included wall and pole mount design. It can easily be installed indoors or outdoors, virtually anywhere.



A web based device and security management platform, which allows the user to consolidate and manage unlimited numbers of cameras, NVR and devices across many locations.

Modules Hardware Features Gallery

A revolutionary breakthrough web based surveillance technology that combines video, audio, and POS data to provide for your loss prevention and security needs.

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