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liveCam™ - one of the longest existing modular components of LiveWatch Central. It remains one of the key pieces that brings LiveWatch central to play. liveCam™ tightly links software and hardware together for the finest user experience. Known for its variety of integrated features such as EPOS, VOIP, VMD, etc., liveCam™ brings both live video, audio, and matches data from unlimited locations with a simple click of a button.

The liveCam™ NVR is a newly innovated, designed and built from ground up. The all inclusive design allows the system to protect itself, and can adapt to even the most challenging physical environments.

Intuitive user interface.

A carefully designed and well thought out user interface that allows you to easily maneuver many features quickly and effectively. liveCam™ strives to give you the finest user experience.  

Live View, Playback, and Favorites.

Choose to view exactly what you want to view, no more, no less. Whether on live camera or playback, one at a time, or simultaneously, it is your choice. Or say you don’t want to select your view every time? Simply add them to your private favorites list for a one click connection.  

Your convenience. It’s our mission.

Combine hundreds of cameras from many different locations. The power of favorites brings you a whole new level of experience. No more digging through multiple sites just to find your cameras, with a click of a button, we bring all video, audio, and its related data to you in no time.    

Smart phone and tablet compatible.

Whether you are busy on the road, or at leisure sitting on the beach, these mobile platforms give you the quickest and most convenient way to connect you and liveCam.

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A revolutionary breakthrough web based surveillance technology that combines video, audio, and POS data to provide for your loss prevention and security needs.

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