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Traditionally, there are two major problems with managing on site network based devices. First, there is no easy way to stop dishonest or past employees from hijacking your network (i.e., usernames, passwords, IP addresses, etc.). Secondly, there is no centralized web based platform for you to combine all of your location based network devices. LiveAccess creates a solution by adding an additional security layer that controls both users and devices. Built as the answer to these problems, LiveAccess utilizes the latest technology to provide you with a brilliant performance. Anywhere, anytime.

The ultimate equation to your IT solution.

Tired of working with multiple vendors to network your devices? Want to control your budget and save on IT spending? LiveAccess acts as the communication portal, user access control, and security gateway between you and all of your network-based devices and users. Simply by adding or removing any users or devices within liveAccess, you have the ultimate control power of your operations.

LiveAccess allows you to remotely access your network-based devices (i.e. Back office system, ATM, Smart Safe, Time Attendance, EPOS, etc.) through the LiveWatch Central web portal. Essentially, LiveAccess allows you to aggregate your devicesto one convenient place simply by using a web browser, no more switching around between different software applications. LiveAccess allows you to stay put and connect from anywhere.

Stay put and get connected.

The safest yet simplest way to add a secured protection gateway to all of your devices & data, and links between users from anywhere, at anytime.

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